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Word & Image 2015

Happy New Year from Word & Image We hope 2015 brings you opportunity and rewards. Word & Image is tooling up this year to better support client web needs and to help achieve your goals. 2014 was a year of transition as Word & Image added services for WordPress Managed Hosting and Support to meet the […]


Managing WordPress

WordPress is one of the easiest Content Management Systems to set up and run, but what happens after a web developer finishes their work and hands off a WordPress website to a site owner? Designing and developing in WordPress are beginning stages in the lifecycle of a website. There are additional stages for content development, […]


Sandbox City

Word & Image has been in Sandbox City, as we dumped our old site while moving to a new server. No worries, our best old content will be back shortly along with new content. Working with the default Twenty Fourteen theme is a demonstration of what WordPress can provide out of the box.  Automattic’s JetPack and some […]


Content 101

101 Ways to Publish Content This post was updated with video content on June 18, 2013. No way you say, but there are 101 and more ways. The publishing world is in transformation, the means of publishing content have become freemium solutions on the web, and the long tail of content gets longer every day. […]


World Brain

We have InterWeb. We have Kindle. We have iPad. We do not have World Brain. But we can and we may. We do have the footings. The Internet provides a global network built upon open standards that should host such a concept.


eBooks Shape Publishing

eBooks now shape publishing more than any other factor for the industry. You may have noticed that E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has been leading the eBook bestseller list for much of 2012, and that’s just one indicator of eBook trends that are changing both how consumers are reading and how publishers are […]