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PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher.

In this episode, we discuss Google's move to insert ad blocking features into the Chrome web experience, and what it might mean for the future of marketing and advertising. We also dig into some new research on the high demand for marketing skills, and explore executives' love of long-form content. Our rants and raves cover content workflows and mission statements; then we wrap up with a content marketing gem from the early 20th century.

This week's show

(Recorded live on April [...]

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Hear from our panel of experts who spoke during the 2017 Marketing Hall of Femme on some of the effective behavioral guidelines to assist you along your professional growth journey. [...]
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What UX is, and why it's so important [...]
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A severe case of writer's block could lead you to rethink how often you publish.

But here's the thing: Publishing regularly gives you a chance to be an authority in your field by consistently providing value to your audience. It gives you a chance to engage them in the comments, social media, and email. Most importantly, it lets you create a relationship with your audience.

Instead of battling your writer's block by publishing less, combat it by finding muses that help you deliver relevant content to your audience. Here are six tips.

10 No-Cost Tools to Help You [...]
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Shobhit Shukla explains how Near evolved from a location to an ambient intelligence platform [...]
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Customers' concerns vary, sometimes dramatically, across regions and cultures. Because these variations present business opportunities, you might expect global companies' buyer personas to reflect those variations. In fact, many organizations miss this opportunity, applying one set of personas everywhere.

Even organizations that have regional or cultural personas may lack the insights they need to succeed across markets.

Sometimes, even small differences between regional and cultural personas affect the bottom line, according to Cassio Politi. In his talk at 2016 Content Marketing World, he delivered a message for multinational brands:

Often, headquarters comes up with universal personas and tells everyone, [...]

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