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In ad tech, there's Facebook and Google, and then there's everyone else.

In the first quarter of 2016, revenue rose 21 percent year over year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau—but 90 percent of that growth went to Facebook and Google. It's no wonder that industry experts like Jason Kint, chief executive of Digital Content Next, refers to the pair as a duopoly.

There are serious consequences for the many ad tech players jostling for that meager 10 percent of the pie. Ad tech funding is dropping rapidly, according to the Financial Times, and investors see dim futures [...]

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content analytics talent match

Every Wednesday, a group of Contently employees grabs lunch from a new restaurant in New York City. These lunches, or “Wildcard Wednesdays” as they've been dubbed, take a fair bit of research. We don't wander around SoHo hoping to stumble upon a great place. Rather, we share Foursquare lists and Yelp pages to examine overall ratings, menus, and customer recommendations before making a decision.

Since we're fortunate enough to work in the heart of one of the world's best food cities, we wanted to take advantage of the incredible number of options for just about every cuisine imaginable. But New York's [...]

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infographic about work

This will only take a minute, so pay attention. A new infographic about work from Headway Capital lists 12 common statements that you should never say at the office. And if you say these phrases a lot, you may be affecting the way colleagues perceive you.

The trouble with workplace conversation is that we just assume that other people understand the nuances of what we mean. If they take offense at our blunt comments, there's nothing we can do. We did our best, and we don't have time to think carefully before we speak, so it's not our problem. [...]

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Five years ago, if you asked Jason Miller to pick lead generation or brand awareness as the most important part of B2B marketing, he would've chosen lead generation without hesitating. But since then, things have changed.

Miller, who worked as the senior manager of social media strategy for Marketo until 2013, now serves as global content marketing leader at LinkedIn, where he's responsible for developing content that helps turn the network's 450 million users into leads who may be interested in paying for LinkedIn's business solutions and premium subscriptions. As his team has published more on the company's Marketing Solutions blog, [...]

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rise of mobile banking

I once made the mistake of visiting a bank to open a new credit card. After a lengthy wait, the banker began by asking about my plans for the weekend and favorite sports teams. The small talk, while pleasant, wasn't bringing me any closer to that credit card. I wondered if there was an app I could have used instead.

Turns out, I'm far from the only young consumer looking to escape the in-person process for the ease of mobile banking. According to a January 2017 Salesforce study, 31 percent of millennials use mobile as their primary banking option, nearly double [...]

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event marketing infographic

Internet users are bombarded with ads on almost every app, website, and social platform. That's why—no matter how great your digital strategy is—making an effort to meet your consumers in person can set you apart from the competition.

As a new infographic from NCC Home Learning points out, event marketing gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their products, humanize their brands, and create memorable experiences with their audiences. They can also work well for gathering important customer information, such as contact details and demographic data.

Say you want to establish your company's expertise in B2B software. Set up a conference [...]

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