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There's nothing quite like Winnipeg in December. Unless you're comparing that experience to Winnipeg in January. On one of my trips to the city I was informed that there have been days at Portage and Main when it was colder than on Mars.

I wasn't too concerned about the weather outside, though, because I was inside, working with the dedicated and diligent content and production teams that manage things for Investors Group (IG), one of Canada's oldest financial institutions.

What we did for Investors Group

CSI was working with IG on a revamp of the corporate intranet, providing an [...]

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There's this joke that people tell about Saskatchewan: “Saskatchewan is so flat you can watch your dog run away for three days.” I'm here to tell you that is not entirely true.

Saskatchewan is flat, yes, but the geography of the prairie province is much more diverse than would-be comedians realize. And if you like wilderness, wildlife, and the outdoors, you should consider traveling to its wide-open spaces.

Getting the word out about all that Saskatchewan has to offer is the raison d'être of Tourism Saskatchewan. We were lucky to work with the amazing communications and marketing teams in Regina [...]

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I grew up in Edmonton, partly. Most of my time at elementary school was spent collecting hockey cards and cheering for the Oilers. That was in the dynasty days when Gretzky, Kurri, and Messier were all there and Stanley Cup victories were a regular occurence.

We moved from Edmonton to Calgary when I was in junior high, but I've always felt connected to the City of Champions. And I've always appreciated opportunities to return.

I got that chance a few times in the fall of 2016, when CSI was working with Servus Credit Union.

What we did for Servus

Servus is Alberta's [...]

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Lure content: enticing but unwise

We recently had a client who referred to their glossy marketing content as lure content. Large enticing photos, minimal text, clear calls to action. Content designed to get people to bite so they can be reeled in. I have a big problem with the whole concept of lure content.

Oxford Dictionary defines lure as to “tempt (a person or animal) to do something or to go somewhere, especially by offering some form of reward.” The word tempt means to “Entice or try to entice (someone) to do something that they find attractive but know to be wrong [...]

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Sharing Lessons in Content Strategy

Kathy Wagner is thrilled to be a guest on this week's Lessons Learned in Marketing podcast with David Bellerive and Phoenix Group! Thanks, David, for the invite and great experience!

Check out the episode to hear Kathy talk about:

the most common content problems across the board specific content challenges for small businesses when and why to talk to your audience which stages of the customer journey typically lack content how to start creating quality content for your audience how CSI continues to help our clients with messy content problems

Listen in iTunes and let us know what you think!

The post [...]

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Tips for delivering great content

I had a fantastic time in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan last week. It's a lovely city with beautiful river walks, great places to eat, friendly people. Thanks again to Tourism Saskatchewan for inviting me to speak about great content at their HOST Conference!

Check out my presentation below for tips on getting to know your audience and making sure you deliver the content they need, when and where they need it. Take a look and share your thoughts!

The path to great content: Host [...]
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