Digital First NOW

It’s time to go Digital First. Right Now!

Not that your company should simply shutter the office and dive headfirst today into Slack, Trello, and Google Hangouts. Those are handy online collaborative tools for a distributed workforce. I use them daily for WordPress projects, as they’ve become the defacto online office for indie consultants, like me, and for startup companies that take a lean approach to their organization.

Digital is not just an add-on option, it’s the First consideration for getting work done.

By Digital First I mean that it’s time to audit your human workflows and technology processes to determine where there’s legacy, lag, and loss that should be trimmed, fixed, and rebooted. According to Capgemini only 7% of organizations have digitized operations at company-scale, while 16% are stalling, without any significant digital capability. It’s hard to believe that in 2016 so many companies are still shuffling paper, playing phone tag, and are not able to update content on their own website. Digital is not just an add-on option, it’s the First consideration for getting work done.

smartphone-593345_1920The other side of the coin is that millennial consumers are already shifting customer experience to a digital-centric mode of accessing personalized information via mobile devices.  They don’t go to your desktop website and try to navigate your menus. They don’t dial the call center and sit on hold. They don’t wait for a coupon in the mail or newspaper to go shopping. They are already on the cusp of the Internet of Things where a smart phone becomes an agent for managing not just things, but one’s entire life.

So going Digital First means asking: Is there a way to manage our projects, products, and campaigns with digital tools and workflows? And can we integrate those digital tools and flows to make work easier, more efficient, and most important: more responsive for our constituents?

The answers should be Yes, as the web app industry is at a mature stage with best practices to guide you and arrays of choices to meet your needs.  If a startup company with little experience can succeed in the Digital workplace, what’s stopping anyone else? Of course, old is easy, new is hard. But if the sustainability of your company or mission is at stake, it’s time to let go of the false comfort of legacy systems and methods. Digital First methods expand dexterity for success, and that leaves more time for fun and creativity.

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