Managed WordPress or Shared Hosting?

How to Choose?

Years ago when people asked me about the differences between Drupal and WordPress, I used to say:

Drupal needs managed hosting, usually set up by the developer, since it’s tricky to configure and maintain. WordPress, on the other hand, can be hosted just about anywhere!

Now I say: Please don’t host WordPress just anywhere! You’ll either get hacked or have a slow website or some other problem. With WordPress running a quarter of websites on the Internet, it’s both a commodity platform and a target for hacking. A lot can go wrong.

For professional WordPress websites we recommend Managed WordPress hosting, which eliminates most risks, offers high performance and scalability, along with professional tools for designers and developers. The WordPress hosting industry has matured over the years, and there are many options and pricepoints to choose from.

Here’s the slide deck for a talk on Managed WordPress or Shared Hosting? presented at the Minneapolis – St. Paul WordPress User Group on March 24, 2016. The takeaway is that while there are a plethora of tools, services, and practices for managing WordPress websites, Shared Hosting leaves all responsibility for web hosting concerns on the account user. Managed WordPress hosting handles responsibility for critical factors for running professional websites, along with offering options and controls for precise management.

Here’s our list of Resources for Managed WordPress.