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Why WordPress?

Why WordPress? Glad you asked.

More than 3 billion people access over 1 billion websites on planet earth.

That’s a lot of network traffic handling a lot of digital information and media, and it takes a lot of intelligent software to run the Internet and world wide web.

WordPress now powers over 28% of websites, with good reasons for that:

  • WordPress logoWorldwide Community of Contributors
  • Free WordPress Blogs for anyone
  • Free Open Source Software for everyone
  • Moderate Learning Curve
  • 3rd Party Markets

WordPress may have started as a simple effective blogging solution, while over the years it has blossomed into a powerful Content Management System (CMS) platform. WordPress is the fastest growing publishing software in the world with 60% of the global market share for content management systems. From bloggers to small companies to Fortune 500 websites like TIME magazine and Sports Illustrated, WordPress makes the web happen.

Here’s Why WordPress

WordPress is free software guided by a global community, translated to more than 100 languages, covering any possible website need on the planet. WordPress is highly regarded for being easy to use, responsive on mobile devices, an agile development platform, and WordPress.org freely provides 10,000+ themes, 40,000+ plugins, and robust APIs, along with expanding third-party markets serving any possible web publishing need.

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