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The months of June and July are the perfect time to reflect on your content marketing strategy. What's working? What isn't? What needs to change going into the fall season?

As you complete your internal audit, here are some ideas and questions for consideration to help level up your program.

Get rid of the writers

If your internal experts or story contacts aren't adept at writing, don't force them to write. Use a professional writer to interview that person. Have the expert check over the information for accuracy, and then let the writer finish the piece. A few innovative companies that work [...]

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Brands will now be able to take advantage of a solution that can deploy Twitter chatbots in a matter of minutes [...]
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Anthony Christie talks about his route to becoming a tech CMO [...]
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Higher education marketers face an interesting dilemma – in many scenarios, the person who writes the check won't ever use their services.

The buyer's journey is replaced by the student journey, says Jonah Deaver of Vertical Measures, who has worked with more than 200 universities in the past six years.

That's why it's critical to engage with prospective students starting from the awareness stage. “Prospective students are trying to level out emotions that range from fear, doubt, excitement, overwhelmed, motivated, and inspired. They are navigating a lot,” Jonah says. “Marketers should provide them with good information so that along the journey the [...]

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Here's how marketers can take advantage of the consumer multiple device-usage trend to optimize conversion [...]
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How Zicam proved that there is a better, more data-driven approach to buying and measuring TV advertising [...]
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