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Social listening in the strategize & ideate stage

In the first stage of the content lifecycle, content teams determine how content can drive business goals. This includes a clear understanding of the goals of your company, awareness of audience needs, and – importantly – a whiteboard full of content ideas.

While it may be easier to come up with company-focused topics, content teams should really be trying to create content for audiences. What do your customers or clients care about? What do they want to know?

We're big fans of user experience research and data-based content decisions. Maybe you've got a team at [...]

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Whenever Facebook tweaks its algorithm and decreases the reach of news stories, publishers usually treat it like a lover's quarrel. But according to a Digiday report, Facebook has been sending each publisher the “We need to talk” text, warning them of the most apocalyptic algorithm change yet.

If you think that's hyperbolic, well… just look at Digiday's homepage right now.

A handful of publishers contacted by Facebook told Digiday that the social giant plans to “favor content that's shared by users or otherwise actively engaged with.” That implies content from brands and publishers will be deprioritized.

To be clear, this change isn't [...]

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Facebook Forrester social growth

Late last year, I wrote an article for Vice News about whether humans can fall in love with artificial intelligence. Spoiler alert: We can. Normally, I'd link you to the webpage so you can read it to learn more, but in this case, I can't. The article only appeared on Snapchat Discover, the daily magazine-like spread of stories meant to pique the interest of younger readers. So my article ran for one day before disappearing into the ether forever.

I have to say, after following Vice on Discover since the article went live, I've become rather infatuated with it as a [...]

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I want to tell you about the last time I cried.

A few months ago, inside a little laboratory in Claremont, California, I was hooked up to a machine that measures your brain activity from an armband. The lab belonged to a neuroscientist named Dr. Paul Zak, and the brain machine is called the INBand, a new device that looks like an Apple Watch and goes on that part of your arm where a doctor would draw blood.

The INBand measures the downstream effects of the neurochemical Oxytocin, which causes changes to the rhythm of the Vagus, a nerve that runs [...]

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How do you know if your content is working?

When you clearly define and communicate success metrics, you can help everyone work towards a common goal, ensure that content goals support your larger strategic objectives, and feel confident that your content will continue to evolve towards being a significant and impactful asset for your company.

Defining success metrics falls under the strategize and ideate stage of content lifecycle. Your content strategy working group meetings are a great place to define and discuss them.

Content can seem like a tricky thing to measure, but there are actually several meaningful ways to [...]

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Content marketing is in a crisis.

Once you sign up for a few brand newsletters, you get pounded with the same generic how-to articles. How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Small Business. How to Make Your Team More Productive. How to Save Money for Your Kid's Future. And, most ironically, How to Deal With Email Overload.

The onslaught of the status quo drives us crazy because, deep down, we all know this strategy doesn't work. The best stories take risks. They suck us in, keep us on the edge of our seats, and illuminate the city of our minds. Need [...]

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