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Over the last few years, Vox Creative—the native ad arm of Vox Media—has shot to the A-list of native advertising options, earning perhaps the best reputation of any shop not named T Brand Studio.

Its high-quality branded documentary series, like “Two-a-Days” for Russell Athletics, integrate well into Vox's portfolio of sites. Most notably, the work feels true to the brand, and not like a cheap play for impressions and clicks.

This summer at Cannes, I sat down with Armando Turco, GM of Vox Creative, to talk about setting content marketing goals, measuring engagement, and the future of social media. Check out the [...]

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The content lifecycle
Think of content as a living thing

Regardless of type or format, channel or platform, all content moves through a life cycle. It's all conceptualized, planned, created, and maintained in some way by someone.

If you're looking at improving your content processes, we recommend using the content lifecycle as a framework. This will ensure you have processes for every stage of your content.

The content lifecycle

Stages of the content lifecycle Strategize and ideate

Your content team leader along with high-level representatives of your company's business units who discuss how content can be used to drive business goals. Business teams come with problems and ideas, ready [...]

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Facebook Newswhip social media

Like many news stories of late, this one started with a tweet from the president. On September 27, Trump fired off an accusation that Facebook had always been against him. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded later that day with his own post, writing: “Trump says Facebook is against him. Liberals say we helped Trump. Both sides are upset about ideas and content they don't like. That's what running a platform for all ideas looks like.”

Both of them are wrong.

Over time, social networks start to develop their own reputations based on generalizations about who uses each network and what [...]

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Could you be the world's greatest social media manager?

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