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Whether you're one of the most successful companies in the world or a startup just finding your way, your content has to impact the bottom line. Proving that value is the only surefire way to get executive buy-in and scale your content program.

For Walmart, making that case was a gradual process. The marketing team began with one positive data point: Customers who engaged with editorial content had an average order size 7 percent larger than customers who went straight to shopping. Over time, they were able to use that data to generate internal support, collaborate with other departments, and drive [...]

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In our work as creators, two ideas struggle against each other seemingly every day: the drive to serve and the drive to grow.

The drive to serve: I want to make stuff that others genuinely love, plain and simple.

The drive to grow: I want my work to “work.” I want to see results and grow my project or company.

Serve: But seeing results isn't the goal. It's the byproduct of serving others well. The goal is to solve a problem or fulfill a desire with what I create. Doing that well means results will come.

Grow: But will they? Will they come fast [...]

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In my career, I've spent a lot of time dissecting what content marketing is and how we as leaders and marketers can use content to develop meaningful connections with the audiences that matter most to us.

To me, content isn't only a creative outlet, and it's more than just another marketing tactic. It's about sharing your unique ideas and knowledge in a way that actually helps other people and builds trustworthy relationships.

In my new book Top of Mind, I explore what it takes to grow your business using content to build trust, scale relationships, and become — you guessed it [...]

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Events are always good for networking, schmoozing, and making the subtle push to turn prospects into clients. But the top conferences do something even more important: They can tell you a lot about the state of an industry.

This year's Intelligent Content Conference (ICC), produced by the Content Marketing Institute, is no exception. A cohort from Contently is heading to Las Vegas to hear more about what questions people want answered, what investments they want to make for the future, and what trends are already taking over. The more I researched the event, the more I could see how our [...]

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Take the next step in measuring your content

We've previously talked about four meaningful ways to measure content:

Content success User experience Content quality Content governance

Defining success metrics falls under the strategize and ideate stage of content lifecycle, and that your content strategy working group can discuss and define them together.

Here we'll dig a little deeper and talk about defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for each area of measurement.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are the basic measurement of success. They should be stated explicitly in numerical, measurable metrics within a time frame. Each KPI should be assigned to a specific person to ensure that [...]

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At least once a week, I load up a hypothetical shopping cart from online retailers like Zara, ASOS, and Sephora, only to decide that I don't want to spend money on clothes or makeup I don't really need. So I abandon the cart and close the tab. According to new research by Market Inspector, I'm not the only one. Fifty-seven percent of internet users discard internet shopping carts because of indecisiveness.

How can companies fix that indecision? For starters, 31 percent of online shoppers report that they weren't able to get answers to simple questions from company websites. That's not [...]

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