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Even though I am [redacted] years old, I follow a bunch of trendy Instagram humor accounts aimed at people in their 20s and teens. I'd like to tell you I do this because I think it's important to keep up with the latest digital trends… but it's also possible that I just have an immature sense of humor.

Lately, I've been paying closer attention to what resonates on my favorite accounts, which include @Betches, @Ship, @MyTherapistSays, and @GirlsThinkImFunny, among others. These accounts tend to play [...]

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Exploring humanity in all we do.

For me, Web Summit was a mixed bag. With 20-minute sessions scattered throughout four large trade-show-style pavilions and one large arena, and hundreds of vendors competing for precious moments of your time, it seemed targeted to people with short attention spans who liked to network. Most of the sessions I attended reinforced what we already know in our industry: audience comes first, do your homework, have a strategy, choose quality over quantity, and be prepared to quickly pivot and adapt.

But I came looking for two things in particular: to discover things of interest in [...]

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Instagram infographic

Once upon a time, Snapchat was in line to take over the social network throne from Facebook. It had unique features, fast growth, and celebrity superusers. But as the hype faded over the last year, one thing has become clear: Snapchat doesn't have a good revenue model.

As Snapchat's standing dipped, Instagram took off. In September, Instagram reported that more than 800 million people use it every month—four times the size of Snapchat's user base. And per TechCrunch, the number of advertisers on the platform has doubled to 2 million since March. Instagram has become the the ideal [...]

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When you're upset, those closest to you can see it in your eyes, your posture, perhaps even your appearance. They'll ask those two magic words—“What's wrong?”—and then you'll launch into a play-by-play dialogue of work drama about how Doug was rude to you, where Divya was sitting in relation to you at the conference table, and why you're never going back to that office again (until tomorrow).

These are fundamentally human qualities: We like to be heard. We want to be understood. We seek a release from our pain.

There's a lesson here for marketers. For a brand to truly provide a [...]

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headline optimization Polar study

When it comes to writing and editing, my mantra has always been “less, but better.” That also applies to titles. Think of the editor slicing words off the computer screen, trying to chisel out the perfect headline that's clear and entertaining. Print titles still manage to pull this off, which is probably why I get so much enjoyment out of our brainstorming sessions for The Contently Quarterly.

Online, however, more is better. A study from Polar, a branded content technology company, found that headlines with 90 to 99 characters had the best click-through rate: .43 percent. Performance trended upward as the [...]

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Now that this quiz lives in our CMS, we'd love for you to identify the most common marketing acronyms by EOD. Thanks.

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