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Contently grew up a lot in 2017. Instead of just going through the motions, we thought about how content marketing was maturing, refined our mission, and conducted research to find out as much as possible about our clients and the industry at large.

If we learned anything from last year, it's that marketers are striving for accountability more than ever. They're no longer just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Budgets have a purpose. Strategies get developed with long-term vision. And results need to be tangible.

As content marketing continues to transform in 2018, here are [...]

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dark social breakdown

There's a hidden world of social sharing that often gets overlooked. For every tweet, pin, and Facebook link, there are certain shares that people have struggled to measure for years. As brands and publishers push for better engagement and tangible ROI, unlocking this data has never been more important.

There are two main ways for readers to share content online: use a share button or copy and paste the link. The first one is easy to track; the second isn't. In 2012, Atlantic deputy editor Alexis Madrigal came up with the term “dark social” to describe the “vast trove of [...]

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Over the last few years, native advertising has become a crucial part of brands' business models. In 2017, native content has accounted for more than half of all digital display advertising spend, according to eMarketer. Next year, that share will grow even bigger.

In this partner webinar, AARP Media Sales development director Danielle McMurray and BrandAmp by AARP content strategist Deborah Sprague talk about the challenges and triumphs of building a successful native advertising program for a wide variety of brand partners.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

How to research your audience's content preferences What best practices increase engagement and consumer trust Why native content [...]
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young Shane Snow

Contently has a book coming out! You can order it here. And if you'd like to subscribe to our free email course on becoming a more powerful storyteller, you can sign up here!

A little while ago, my mother sent me an email with the subject line, “The Youngest Storyteller.” There was a picture of a three-year-old kid holding a big microphone on a stage with a big smile on his face. Apparently I decided to join some neighborhood talent show. My talent: telling a spooky story about “the dark, dark house.” The punchline had something to [...]

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trust in government

In 1994, a high-ranking FBI officer was murdered. He had leaked information about a government cover-up to a couple FBI agents willing to investigate—and paid the ultimate price.

His dying words were, “Trust no one.”

The murdered officer, codenamed “Deep Throat,” was actually a fictional character in the Season 1 finale of the television show The X-Files. (He was based on a real informant with the same codename who helped reporters break the Watergate scandal.) As a 10-year-old when this episode premiered, I was appropriately devastated.

Deep Throat's fictional assassination by his own government came at a historic time in America. Fox launched [...]

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At any given time, you can find some major tech journalist, thought leader, martech blogger, or digital marketing guru declaring search engine optimization dead. These harbingers of the digital doomsday usually aren't being literal. The practice of SEO isn't dead, but the way SEO experts, consultants, and agencies have traditionally approached the subject might be. As a result, your friendly neighborhood SEO consultant has a choice: become a content strategist or go extinct.

In the past, it was relatively easy for people to collect large datasets and figure out what elements contributed to better search rankings—increase internal links, use [...]

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