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What big content marketing trends do you see for next year?

-Jake, New York

As I sat down to write a navel-gazing trends piece for the fifth straight year, I couldn't help but think of this cartoon by The Marketoonist for two reasons.

1. This cartoon is way too real. I own that outfit. I've had that exact conversation at six different conferences this year. I don't want to come off as self-centered, but I'm pretty sure The Marketoonist is using me as a muse.

2. This cartoon illustrates why the content strategy echo chamber is so problematic. As I wrote in [...]

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marketing speak chart

At 4:40 pm on Thanksgiving, as I was explaining how I'd found synergy between two family recipes to optimize the juiciness of the turkey, I realized that marketing speak had finally sabotaged my vocabulary.

“What are you talking about?” my cousin asked. She was looking at me like I was an alien from a planet where everyone was born with four tentacles and two MBAs.

This realization was particularly discouraging for me. Of the hundreds of articles I've written for this blog, the most popular were a series roasting marketing buzzwords. I'd been a crusader against them! [...]

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It's time to pick your team

Who do you need on your digital content team? Is it more important to cover every skillset with experts, or to focus on the most common tasks? We look to two content-focused industries to learn what works: publishing and technical communications.

Lessons from publishing Publishers typically hire well-trained writers and journalists who know how to engage an audience, tell a story, and write to standards. They write copy that is concise, tight, and impactful. The entire team works together to meet tight deadlines, supported by clearly defined systems, processes, and responsibilities. Writers who consistently miss deadlines won't last [...]
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empathy comic

I think today's marketing is just a little too obsessed with data. Cue the gasps and snaps and oh no she didn'ts.

At a recent networking event, I was talking to a marketer who'd just gotten married. Given her profession, she wasn't surprised when her momentous life occasion triggered an onslaught of promos and offers. What she hadn't prepared for, though, was when brands expected that she'd soon be expecting.

About 10 weeks after the wedding, this woman started receiving coupons from a well-known baby-goods retailer. And she was mad about it—really mad. She wanted kids someday, sure, but she also wanted [...]

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Content process models

Content leaders know how important it is to manage content through its lifecycle. If you're on the ball and your content team is streamlined and efficient, you'll do this by articulating content processes to make sure that everyone involved, from stakeholders to subject matter experts to content creators, has a shared understanding of the work being done.

If that's not quite where your content team's at – you're in luck.

Our senior content strategist Blaine Kyllo has facilitated workshops with numerous companies from different sectors to help them discover the processes that will improve how they work with content. In [...]

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Even though I am [redacted] years old, I follow a bunch of trendy Instagram humor accounts aimed at people in their 20s and teens. I'd like to tell you I do this because I think it's important to keep up with the latest digital trends… but it's also possible that I just have an immature sense of humor.

Lately, I've been paying closer attention to what resonates on my favorite accounts, which include @Betches, @Ship, @MyTherapistSays, and @GirlsThinkImFunny, among others. These accounts tend to play [...]

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