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For me, Web Summit was a mixed bag. With 20-minute sessions scattered throughout four large trade-show-style pavilions and one large arena, and hundreds of vendors competing for precious moments of your time, it seemed targeted to people with short attention spans who liked to network. Most of the sessions I attended reinforced what we already know in our industry: audience comes first, do your homework, have a strategy, choose quality over quantity, and be prepared to quickly pivot and adapt.

But I came looking for two things in particular: to discover things of interest in [...]

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Instagram infographic

Once upon a time, Snapchat was in line to take over the social network throne from Facebook. It had unique features, fast growth, and celebrity superusers. But as the hype faded over the last year, one thing has become clear: Snapchat doesn't have a good revenue model.

As Snapchat's standing dipped, Instagram took off. In September, Instagram reported that more than 800 million people use it every month—four times the size of Snapchat's user base. And per TechCrunch, the number of advertisers on the platform has doubled to 2 million since March. Instagram has become the the ideal [...]

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Web Summit opening night: All about humanity

Even before Web Summit officially opened, they dished up some inspiring speakers with surprisingly human perspectives. In the 1.5 hour opening event, I was expecting to hear about the limitless possibilities of future technologies, but the main theme of the evening was about meeting the challenges and responsibilities of ensuring that technology improves humanity rather than damages it.

Here's a very quick recap of what a few of the speakers had to say:

Stephen Hawking – Theoretical physicist

Yup, you read that right! He didn't speak in person, but he was on a live video. He put [...]

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OK, not the whole team. We wish!

But Kathy Wagner is ever so pleased that the week of Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal is upon us. Web Summit is touted as the world's largest tech conference and brings every industry together through 25 sub-conferences.

Kathy's schedule is packed but she promises to make time to blog about her experiences. Probably from a lounge chair.

Kathy's Web Summit week Canada Day Summit Reception

A welcome reception at the Canadian Embassy to Portugal.

Governments: Don't regulate technological innovation

Has tech innovation outpaced governments' ability to regulate? And would attempts to catch up do more harm than good? Our [...]

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Style guides: Useful … when used

Style guides are a necessary tool to align your content creators on style decisions, as well as terminology and grammar rules. Sometimes companies will put the effort into making a style guide, but not so much into making sure it gets used.

Here are six ways to increase the likelihood of your style guide being regularly used:

1.Make sure it's user-focused.

Making your style guide easy to navigate is a great first step. It should be easily accessible – either online or in PDF with active links so writers can get to the relevant section without scrolling through [...]

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Roll your content strategy up into one sentence

The idea of a core content strategy statement comes from Brain Traffic's content strategy quad. Melissa Rach describes the statement as “the central idea for using content to achieve an organization's business goals” and around which are the components substance, structure, workflow, and governance.

In our new model for content strategy, the core statement is central to the strategy component.

It's a guiding statement that connects business goals to audience and/or employee needs. In practical terms, your core content strategy statement should inspire and align your content team. It keeps the [...]

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